Spray foam insulation and rodents


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Red face Spray foam insulation and rodents

We have a second home in the mountains/forest which is constucted on telephone pole pilings (one end of the home is 12' above grade and the other end is 3' above grade), and the bottom of the floor is open to the environment. The floor is insulated with fiberglass batt insulation that is covered with reinforced visqueen. Covering the insulation with a solid material is a last resort option, because of the many piles, and angles of the kickers (it will be very difficult to cut and fit a solid sheet material around all the different angles, and keep the gaps so small that a chipmonk can not get his head through the gap.) The home is approximately 50 years old .

The fiberglass insulation is a great nesting area for chipmonks, which they are naturally drawn too. To keep them out we tried a variety of method to repel, trap, or deter them including hiring professional chipmonk hunters, poisons, and wire mesh, however our success has been limited until the next batch of chipmonk children seek their first home away from their parents.

We are contemplating replacing the fiberglass batt insulation with spray foam insulation, but are unsure whether it is resistent to rodents burrowing. Can anyone advise whether spray foam insulation will resist rodents?

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Professional chipmonk hunters???? Thats a first for me...lol

Spray foam wont stop them either. If they can dig in hard dirt and clay soils, foam will only make them more comfy in their little nests. Some sort of 1/4 x 1/4 wire mesh hardware cloth (not chicken or rabbit wire) may be the only option, and it would need to be solidly attached to the floor joists. Its relatively easy to fit around odd shapes.
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Unhappy Spray Foam Insulation and rodents

Thanks Gunguy - I was afraid that would be the case - I'll just need to call in my buddy - Ben the chipmonk hunter.

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