Insulating crawl space and air ducts - should I?


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Insulating crawl space and air ducts - should I?

I am looking for advice on whether I should insulate my crawlspace considering the following conditions:

1. Only two sides of the exterior walls are accessible due to clearance and access- this is an old farmhouse with multiple additions that used block foundations for the newer portions essentially blocking off those areas for access.

2. Only the original portion of the crawlspace is accessible .

3. The original portion of the crawlspace has newer pex plumbing and the majority of my duct system ( including the returns).

4. The original foundation is rock and there is no vapor barrier of any sort.

5. I live in the zone 4 of the country so we are subject to the temperature extremes.

6. The floor joists in the crawl space are not insulated.

Because my duct system is in the crawlspace it is somewhat conditioned and protects the pipes from freezing/thawing. However, the majority of my ducts are also not insulated (the returns are)

My goal is to insulate and seal the air ducts and insulate the two sides of the crawlspace for basic energy efficiency and increasing winter comfort.

Since I have only access to two sides of the crawl space is it worth it to insulate the two sides of the perimeter?

Also, by sealing/insulating my air ducts am I now subjecting my pipes to freezing since this would now become a non-conditioned space?
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Your crawl is an unconditioned space unless you have supply griles down there. My question why is the return insulated and not the supply.

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