cold comes through wall between garage and house


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cold comes through wall between garage and house

Layout: 12-year old colonial, upstate NY, oil heat. Family room adjacent to a 2-car garage, wife has a computer workspace next to the wall in the family room. Wall between the two is insulated (presumably to code), 5/8" sheet rock on garage side, uninsulated roll-up garage door

Problem: In winter, garage side of family room feels cold. Can't notice any air leaks. She can notice it getting significantly colder when the garage door is opened. Problem has always been there (i.e., no reason to think anything has changed recently).

Any suggestions? I considered, in order of expense/hassle:
  1. Focus on sealing up electrical outlets.
  2. Tear off the sheet rock from the garage side, and add more insulation.
  3. Same as item 2, but also add house wrap. Should this have been installed by the builder?
  4. Add an insulated garage door.

All four items are good things to do, but I don't want to waste money/time on something that won't really make a difference.
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First thing to do is to find out if that wall really is insulated to code. Drill more than one small holes in the wall from the garage side or whatever is easier to check. See if the insulation there completely fills the stud bays. IF the wall feels cold despite it being filled with fiberglass then there probably is significant airleakage going on and we know fiberglass wont stop the cold air from blowing in by itself. Hopefully you might still have some space available to blow in some cellulose in there using a fill tube to dense pack the wall; and crush the existing fiberglass flat without tearing off the sheetrock. That would take care of airleaking and seal up the wall nicely. I did this myself earlier this year to all my exterior walls that had R7 fiberglass from the inside with great results. baring that you might have to tear out the rock and do it from scratch but correctly. I dont think sealing up outlets will help much in this situation for an entire wall but they should be done anyways on every exterior wall.

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