Use Tyvek inside my house? In the flr of my attic.


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Use Tyvek inside my house? In the flr of my attic.

I have a 1920's house, live in NJ and I am wondering if in my attic it would make sense to add a layer of Tyvek sheathing like what they put outside the house, on top of my existing insulation.

Right now as I stick my head up into the attic hatch door, I look at the unfinished floor (not the underside of my roof) of my attic and I see I have 6" joists with 6" insulation between the joists. The insulation is fiberglass with the craft paper side on the bottom, faced down towards the floor underneath.

Question, would it make sense to add a sheathing of Tyvek directly on top of the the attic floor insulation to keep in the house heat? Does Tyvek keep in moisture, would that be a problem?

thanks in advance...

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It would do nothing for R value! Tyvek is a moisture barrier. So unless your roof leaks it will do nothing.

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