Insulating Attic Question


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Insulating Attic Question

Hi folks,

We are hoping to insulate our attic with blown-in insulation ASAP before the snow flies.

All over our 900 square foot attic we have about 3 inches of wood chips/wood shavings which were spread between the joists many years ago. I guess they were once used as insulation but we've been told they have a negligible insulating effect.

We started to try to remove them, but it's just too much work, it would be a full time job for weeks.

QUESTION: Can we just blow insulation right over the wood chips? We'd really like to do this, but aren't sure if it would pose some kind of another problem.

Thanks for your help!!
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I don't think it's a problem

We spent the entire day today blowing in cellulose insulation into our attic (and will spend the entire day tomorrow cleaning up the dust that blew all over the house as a result). From all the research I did I don't think you'll have a problem leaving the chips in. The cellulose is a wood fiber, so wood touching wood shoudln't be a problem.

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