Moisture on inside walls


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Moisture on inside walls

I am getting alot of moisture on the outside walls of a stucco/block built home. Inside walls are also concrete and are painted, but moisture does not accumulate on them. Do I need to insulate the outside walls to contol the moisture? Currrently there are no water barriers nor any type of insulation on the inside of the outer walls. Thanks in advance for your advice.
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If I read this correct, it is the inside of the outside walls that are getting moisture.

You are correct, insulating the outside walls will go in the right direction. Also, reducing the humidity level inside the house will reduce the condensation. Pick up a meter so you know the humidity and look for about 35%. 50% and up will give you a lot of problems.

Sources of moisture can be basements, dirt floors down there, not running the exhaust fan after showers (30 minutes is recommended), water leaks, lack of moisture barriers, and people. Also, if your home is built very tight, low air exchange, then even typical home activities can generate excess moisture. At that point a de-humidifier may be needed.

Pick up a meter and check around for excess moisture. It is best to get this corrected before the moisture turns to mold

I'll check back,

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