Garage ceiling insulation vs carpet


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Garage ceiling insulation vs carpet

Hi all,

I've got a large garage sitting immediately underneath a living area and 2 bedrooms, concrete ceiling, and a wooden floor in the living area. It's proving to be pretty chilly during winter, and I'm hoping I can find a quick, cheap(ish) solution to keeping the cold out.

My initial plan was to fix styrofoam sheets to the ceiling, though it really is a large ceiling and I'd be looking at about $500 upwards. Another option I've started looking into, are good quality carpet tiles.

I've got a few currently that I've placed in one section of the living area, and I'm pretty surprised at how effective they are (to the touch) at keeping the cold air out - they've got fairly thick rubber underlay. I expect I'd have to pay a bit for carpet tiles as well, but then I also think I'd be adding value (cosmetically at least) to my property.

Any thoughts, advice, experience - hugely appreciated
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Hi Jon,
I have no experience with a concrete floor in that position. The rigid downstairs would add the greater r-value, but I suspect the wood floors would still feel cold, the nature of wood and the fact that the cold settles to the floor. The carpet squares would have a warm feeling, but not a lot of actual insulation value. Easy choice, both.

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I don't believe exposed styrofoam insulation meets building codes. Carpet does offer insulative value. There are also insulative carpet cushions available as well as radiant heat meats for use under carpet.
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yep, both would be best of course - but need to be a bit careful with how much I spend here at the moment

the carpet tiles I've got have no cool air flowing through - they've got a thick, strong rubber underlay; even though the wood is cold to the touch when I raise the tiles, laying them back over seems to work a charm - and of course, the other concern was as 'twelvepole' mentioned - I'd have to further develop the ceiling beyond the styrofoam...

am taking it this is a pretty uncommon approach appreciating your thoughts!

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