blow in wall insulation


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blow in wall insulation

i have a home that was built in 1897 and is not insulated. i want to use the blow in insulation for my house and i want to do it myself. i have heard of many ways to do this.
1. from the interior and patch with foam and putty
2. from the exterior and take the top layer of siding off. not
my first choice.
3. from the exterior and cut holes in the siding. the question
here is, what do i use to patch the holes?

can anyone tell me the best way to do this? i am leaning to no. 1 but no. 3 could be another option if i can find out how to patch the holes. if there are any better ways i would love to hear it. thanks in advance. i am new here and so far the site is great.
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I have some experience with cellulose. I did my whole house w/ it, attic and exterior walls.

How I did the exterior walls was, take off a section of my wood siding, drill the holes ( 1 7/8" hole) and put the wood siding back up. Then the following weekend, I took the wood siding pieces back down, blew in the insulation, then took a dowel that was 1 3/4" round (cut to depth of wall/sheething)and put caulking on it to keep it in place. Put the wood siding back up and DONE!! It was pretty easy for me, thanks to the siding. I have old wood siding.

I wouldn't drill through your siding!! What kind do you have??

You can rent the machine at lowes or HD. I spent 9 dollars roughly, on a bag of insulation. I went through almost 30 which is 270 bucks. Renting the machine is free if you buy 10 or more bags. That was at lowes. Also you make sure you say you want to rent the hose reducer. If so check on the size of the reducer before you drill the hole. They made me buy one out of the shop vac section b/c they rented their only reducer out.

I would not do this on the interior of your home. You will have a huge mess. That stuff gets everywhere. Also buy a good 20 dollar mask for yourself. Breathing this stuff in is rough on your nose hairs and lungs!!!

If you need any more info on how I did it let me know. I am not a professional but I did do my house and helped my friend do his!!!
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blow in wall insulation

If you have an 1897 home, you can expect to need more than you anticipate. You could run into a lot of blocking or stops near the middle of wall (heightwise) and near windows.

Be prepare to probe through your first holes to make sure there in a obstructions above and below. You may have some settled insulation.

If you are blowing, you will need holes at the top and bottom of each chase to allow the insulation to get in and the air to get out.

You can DIY, but you will have to be patient while you learn and will not be done as fast as you expect.

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thanks for the info. i am not sure how i am going to do it but i really didn't want to get into takeing the siding off. this wood could be over 100 years old. i do plan to drill at least two holes for each section though. i will come back when i get closer to d day

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