Bathroom above cold garage is a refrigerator


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Bathroom above cold garage is a refrigerator

Recently moved into a newly built house. During the cold spell when it was in the negative teperature, our master shower drain froze as the did shower.

Our builder swears our garage is well insulated and there's nothing much he can do. He asked me to get a garage heater and keep the temp above 30 when it gets extremely cold. I heard it's not good for the cars and will cost a lot.

I have doubts that there's any or enough insulation in the ceiling. Is there a way to check without opening up the drywall? FYI, there is an attic space directly above the garage right next to this bathroom.
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Hi babyduke and welcome. two options to get an idea as to how that floor/ceiling is insulated: Open up a hole in the floor in that attic space or open the ceiling in the garage. An inspection with an infrared camera can point to a bad area if you want to be sure you are opening the right spot.

All of the pipes necessary for the bathroom usually leave a lot of openings that allow extra air leakage. It actually would not be a big job to remove all of the sheetrock under the bathroom, air seal, super insulate, and replace the ceiling. If you do get in there, make sure you don't put any insulation between the plumbing and the heat above.

good luck and tell the contractor he is wrong, there is something that can be done and a lot cheaper than a space heater on cold days.

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If this is a new home I would find a lawyer! These builders that build junk should be taken to the cleaners!! This is his job to fix not yours.

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