Chimney Fire. Need advice!


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Chimney Fire. Need advice!

I had a chimney fire and part of this blessing in disguise is that i get to reinsulate the attic. If i could get any and all advice it would save me one thing i have to spend my time trying to figure out.

What i've decided to do is open up part of the attic as a loft for the master bedroom upstairs. I then plan to make the other half of the attic either a "bedroom" or other common living area what this basically leaves me with is my roof joists which are 2x4's. I know thats not really enough to insulate so we tacked up some 2x2's to them as well. Again not ideal but thats the most space i can give up otherwise it makes the attic basically unusable.

I looked into spray foam but i think it's out of my price range. Its sounding like rigid styrofoam is my best option. Since my roof joists are now approx 5" (2x4 + 2x2) It seems as if i can pull in a R25 value or so.

I live in Eugene Oregon
My main heat source of house is a Quad Fire 7100fp which is rated to heat a 3500sqft house and my house is closer to 2k. The upstairs bedrooms have inwall electric heaters as well.

1. Will i be ok/happy with this?
2. Do i need to leave any sort of air gap between the styrofoam and roof for air movement?
3. Do i want foil faced?
4. is there any common downside to buying discount rigid foam insulation? (the local recycling center usually sells full sheets for 1/2 price of big box stores)
5. The floors of the attic/loft (ceiling of second floor) are 6". Would it be helpful to throw some 6" fiberglass batts in there?

I greatly appreciate any advice... I have a lot on my plate right now!
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Have you run these ideas past a competent builder, architect, structural engineer or your local building department? With only 2x4 rafters and 2x6 ceiling/floor joists I think your structure is woefully inadequate for what you are planning.

Insulation under the floor would serve no useful purpose except maybe as sound deadening. Without air movement your fireplace will not do much to heat this area. It would be best to have a ventilated airspace between the underside of the roof deck and the insulation.
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Some reading for you:

Welcome To Home Energy Magazine Online

plus there are many threads on the board with relevant discussions.


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