My rafter vent experience


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My rafter vent experience

A few months ago I was up in my attic and I noticed that much of the insulation near the edges of the wall had been blown back several inches to even more than a foot away, leaving the outside edges of my ceiling totally uninsulated.

So, I began researching what to do about this and I discovered rafter vents. Then I realized that even if I put in rafter vents, there would still be a LOT of space between the rafter vent and the top plate of the wall, which would still allow wind to blow my insulation back and would not any new insulation I install from falling into the soffit. So I came up with my own solution.

My rafters are on 16" centers. I made foam cutouts of 1" styrofoam to fit around the rafter vent and block off any space. I used foam adhesive in a caulking gun to secure the foam down to the top plate/drywall. Here are some pics of my styrofoam baffles and my rafter vents. What does everyone think?

After these were installed, I was able to blow in new cellulose insulation and stack it deep all the way out to the edge of the ceiling with no worries about it getting blown around or falling into the soffit.
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Very nice!!! That was a great idea. Thanks for posting and sharing w/ everyone.
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rafter vent experience

This was my exact same problem. I cant see your pictures (can you send them to my inbox?) but here is how I solved it -- there was zero room at the edges...

url = How to Insulate Slopped Roof Ceiling Edges From the Attic |
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I sent you a private message about getting those pics to you. Holla' at me.


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