Radiosity 3000


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Radiosity 3000

Has anyone used this product? It is a paint additive(glass beads) that is supposed to reflect heat. It can be used interior and exterior. I have a upper/lower duplex. The lower has substantially higher heat bills and I would like to improve.
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I haven't heard of that brand but I have heard of paints that claim to use reflective technology to reflect the heat back to the room.

I'm not sure but for some reason the name Insulad comes to mind. I saw some reports, one by some kind of engineer at one of the Boeing plants near where I live that had "borrowed" a fairly high tech (and expensive) thermal imaging system from work. He had done the thermal imaging on his daughter's bedroom walls and then painted using the insulating paint.

She had always complained about how cold her room was, even when the air temperature was raised considerably from the rest of the house where she felt comfortable. After the painting she was much more comfortable and redoing the thermal imaging test showed the walls anywhere from two to four (or maybe higher) degrees warmer than before painting.

I know that the information I read about the paint said that it had to be the final coat of paint and if anything was painted over it would lose its insulation property. It either came in a fairly wide range of colors or it could be custom tinted, I don't remember which. It was about 20% higher in cost than other mainline interior paint as I recall.

You might try a Google search for insulating paint.

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