Is DYS Soundproofing recommended?....


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Is DYS Soundproofing recommended?....

I have a 3 family unit. I live in 1rst floor, top two are rented out..the situation that im dealing with is late night noisy tenats (their children) on the 3rd floor that bother the 2nd floor tenants a lot because the noises happen at times they are trying to sleep.. I uderstand that there is no soundproofing in between the floors because I can hear the tenants on top of me but during the day which doesnt bother me, I really want to do some soundproofing work done between the bedrooms of 2nd and 3rd floors and would like to know if DYS soundproofing is really recommended for someone with no previous knowledge on the matter such as myself, I'm also not familiar with sheetrock work which is essential for the job, how hard can the hands on learning can be and how much of a risk am I really in case the response is "let the pro's doit" what kind of bill could I be facing from the average contractor for soundproofing lets say a 15x15 room ceiling...please advise, thanks in advance.
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In my opinion drywalling is monkey work anyone can do it.. and its very forgiving. As for the whole job its not hard it all but having the right job saves alot of time and effort.

Such as a drywall jack to lift the sheets of drywall up to the celing or have a friend or 2 hold the sheet up and one screws in the sheets.

Well bassically you can do what you like but at my local Home Depot I noticed they got a batt pink insulation that is sound proofing.. get that its cost effective and also can by soundproofing drywall.. harder to find but its equivelent of 8 sheets of drywall on top of each other. Also you can use furring strips to slightly lower your roof but would provide a small airspace that adds to the sound proofing effectiveness

Anyways if you want to do it yourself yes you can do it.. might be a frustrating job but can be rewarding.

Just research each step along the way from proper insulation to proper install methods..

if you pay someone they will be alot faster but you can be looking up to 1k$ of a job depending on how elaborate it is..

Keep us posted on what you decide to do

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