Wall Insulation Question...


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Wall Insulation Question...

Alright i bought owens corning "exterior wall insulation" i bought the wrong size width but didnt realize it until i was halfway done i was supposed to buy the 15" wide not the 23" wide all laps are stapled down and there are no gaps but since it is wider then the space i was filling i had to smash and fold it in some spots due to it being the wrong size...my question is should i tear it all down and start over or is it reaaly a big deal that it is compressed a little in some spots? what are the cons of leaving it. im gonna return what i havent opened yet and buy the right size.
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I would think, because insulation works best not compressed, that it wouln't be very effective this way. If it was 7" wider, compress it, you would lose 46% from normal. I would remove it and use it in the attic, run it opposite of the existing. Or use it under the floor, or in a bathroom wall for sound control? On your attic access door? A bent, staple remover from an office store would expidite removal. Be safe, GBAR
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I have viewed walls such as you descride with an Infrared Camera and the results are not good, probably half or what you expect for R-value. Since you have discovered this before the sheetrock went up I would agree with GBR and say remove and do it right. Sorry

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Yea do it again, no question.

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