soundproofing common wall


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soundproofing common wall

I share 1 common wall with my neighbour. It is 2 bricks walls, one on her side and the other on my side. The only thing on top of that is the plaster that gives it the finishing smooth surface.

I need to sound proof that wall without framing on it. I was thinking of just putting some pink rigid insulation on it and then drywall over.. Will that work?

I was wondering if there is some kinda of sound proofing boards i can put on there and then put drywall..

opinions and suggestions are appreciated.
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You will not overall improve things with that masonry wall unless you build away from it. This is a well ducumented phenomenon. If you add drywall straight to the wall, it will improve some high frequencies a bit, while hurting low frequencies.

You have to decouple from that brick and establish a new wall.

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