Why is my family room hot?


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Why is my family room hot?


My family room and garage are on opposite sides of a wall. The garage has a plain ceiling with an attic, the family room has a cathedral ceiling with no attic. In summers the family room gets really hot and then really cold in winter.

Tale a look at the attic insulation on the wall shared by the 2 rooms.

Picasa Web Albums - Chetan - Insulation

Picasa Web Albums - Chetan - Insulation

Do you agree the insulation should be done all the way up to the ceiling? If so, what is the best way to get it done? If you look at the pictures, I would need to add a strip of "reflective styrofoam?" where its missing and then cover it up with insulation. WHat type of insulation would you recommend? Also, can I just put the insulation over the wires?

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Hi Chetan, I agree, you need more insulation. Plus, in the insulation world, neatness counts. Those look like 3 1/2" walls, so fixing the cavity insulation AND adding an inch or two of rigid over the studs would be good.

However, judging form the pictures, you may have issues elsewhere. Doubtful this is the only place messed up. Determine what your area insulation requirements are and increase where possible.


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