Plaster as vapor barrier


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Plaster as vapor barrier

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My old house [ Ontario Canada] has a flat roof and no attic, only a small space about 18''tall and no access to it.
The ceiling has some kind of 1'' fiberboard about 1/2'' cement and 1/2 plaster but no insulation[see pic]

Im doing some repairs and electrical work,I have open some holes in the ceiling and have limited access to this space.

I like to add some insulation where ever possible and wondering if the plaster on the ceiling makes a good enough vapor barrier to install some rock wool or fiberglass without condensation problems
Blown in ins is not an option for now
Thank you
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Energy Savers: Vapor Barriers or Vapor Diffusion Retarders

This website discusses vapor diffusion retarders and it states that all paint retards moisture flow. The several layers of paint on your ceiling clearly qualifies as a vapor barrier. The only concern would be penetrations like the electrical work your doing. As well as other penetrations in the ceiling like plumbing, heating pipes, cables and wires.
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Thank you for reply and link.
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Paint and plaster do not have a high enough perm rating to be a VB

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