Open loft insulation help


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Open loft insulation help


Im a student and I just moved into this new house. The room I took is the upstairs master bedroom that has an open wall about 10 feet above the living room. Im noticing right away that sound traveling back and forth is going to be a big problem so Im looking for some advice to insulate this open space on a college budget. Another thing is the pipe from the woodstove runs up and about 2 feet from the opening. I really dont want to have a fire hazard when the winter months hit. Please help.. Cooper

If this picture doesnt come through for some reason let me know

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I am sure there is some type of paneling you could tack up w/ a couple of nails that will prevent some noise traveling up there. This section of the forum's doesn't get much traffic during the summer.
If that is to expensive, then maybe some foamboard insulation or just plain styrofoam! Won't look pretty but its a shot.

If non of those work, get a hold of the landlord and see if he could frame that in, and put drywall up! That would fix some of the noise.

Good Luck
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In my college days we would have used beer cans, full in no time .

If it wasn't close to the chimney you could hang some old drapes.

Whatever you put up, make sure someone can't lean on it and go over the rail. So, diy's suggestion of framing it in is probably best.

The chimney looks like it may be single layer below the section that goes through the roof. If so, it would definately have a clearance problem. May already be too close to the back wall. Check with your local fire department for requirements. They can also tell you what materials would be accepable.

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If your landlord agree's to frame that in, have him put something in between the studs, like insulation or styrofoam. Again, that will help even more w/ noise pollution!
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Check with landlord and fire department, don't use styrofoam!!! styrofoam test burn [Archive] - boards
Be safe, G

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