Blow in cellulose insulation from interior


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Blow in cellulose insulation from interior

I want to use the type of cellulose insulation that is blown in between wall studs. Problem is that I have stucco on the exterior and I don't want to mess around with patching several holes.

Can this be done from the interior? Looking to paint some interior rooms soon, figure this would be a good time to do the insulation, I could patch the holes and then paint over them.

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Yes you can

I did this. I used the same cellulose insulation you'd put in the attic. There are a ton of how to's if you google around you can find it.

I believe what I did was I drilled 2 1.25" holes between every stud. I filled the bottom hole then the top. Cover the top hole while filling the bottom hole, but let a little air escape as you could make the drywall expand if the cavity is air tight. It helps to have a radio or a runner with the person feeding the blower (as I found it easier to shut off the machine while moving to the next cavity). The person feeding the machine will know the cavity is full when they hear the blower motor get louder, but it helps to have a runner so you can let them know you need the blower off for an extended amount of time.

You will make a mess, but it cleans up easily. Cover anything you don't want having a coating of cellulose dust.
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There are good ways and better ways to patch the holes. Not that this is the best way, but I like to put a backer board in place with a screw on each side. Trim the hole and trim the patch and leave a small gap around the hole to accept the mud. If you use a hole saw and save the cutout, it works. Maybe one of the pros will share.

Are your walls empty or are you blowing in next to fiberglass?

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The house was built in the 1940's. I am guessing there's nothing behind the plaster.
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I did this to the attic and walls!! Great stuff!! It works to! Saved me almost about a thousand bucks the first yr, so it paid for itself in one yr! I was lucky, I have wood lap siding so I just took off a section of siding drilled 1 3/8" holes and blew it in.

The 2 hole method is ok, but found out w/ my own research that you don't need 2 holes! Your house isn't gonna be so air tight no air will escape while blowing it in. So I just drilled a singe hole. Especially doing this in your house through the sheetrock/lathe n' plaster, its gonna be a big enough mess w/ one hole.

They will have a reducer, that you can rent w/ the machine, you'll need this. So you'll have to judge the size of hole you drill by that. They are usually tapered. Also, keep the machine outside if possible. It will be a dusty mess!! Buy good face masks, not the cheap paper ones. Breathing that stuff in is hell!! Also Lowes, is where I got mine from, they rent the machine to you for free if you buy 10 bags of cellulose. So if you only need 6 or 7 buy 10, then take the 3 back. There is also a security deposit of 300 bucks, you'll get that back after you return the machine.

Good luck!!

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