Insulating Floor of VERY OLD House-Help!


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Insulating Floor of VERY OLD House-Help!


I have a Very Old house the front is a log cabin covered with clapboard (wood siding) and there is a "bump out" (I think that is what they call it. It is an addition in the back.)

The basement is not a real basement as we think of today. The founation is build with rocks and stones and the height is approx. 5ft and little higher in places and the floor of the basement is dirt covered with pea gravel.


Since there is always going to be some moisture in the "basement" because of the rocks/stones what kind of insulation can I use. I tried the rolled insulation and the "basement" became too damp over time and the insulation just fell down. Would spray foam insulation be an option with the moisture problem and how long would it last??

If spray foam is an option is there a website that could teach me how to do it? I am on a tight budget and would need to do it myself or try to enlist my brothers to help-LOL.

MANY, MANY THANKS for any help!!
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Hi bonnie, the moisture issue would have to be corrected first as any insulation and other attempts to reduce the heat loss will tighten up that space and create a real problem, mold, wood rot.

Here are a couple of links to get you started:

BSI-009: New Light In Crawlspaces —

RR-0509c: Renovating Existing Basements —

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Thanks for the links and information!


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