Vapor Barrier in garage


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Vapor Barrier in garage


I'm installing new insulation in our attached garage. Above the garage is a bedroom. I am installing R-30 with the kraft paper vapor barrier up (towards the conditoned room) My question is how do I get the vapor barrier around the joist cross braces? Also, is it sufficent that I just push the insulation up and into place since I cannot staple the paper or should I be stapling in plastic first to the top of the joists?

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Hi Martin, impossible to detail any vb around those cross braces so I would simply fill the cavities to the max with unfaced insulation and then sheetrock the ceiling totally air tight. Caulk the perimeter and foam in any light boxes. Actually, check your code requirements as this is a garage below living space and fire codes apply. When all is done, apply a couple of coats of an oil based paint to the sheetrock and you should be all set. You can detail the kraft or plastic up into the cavity, but IMO it is the air seal that is most important. Some reading and be sure to follow codes: BSD-106: Understanding Vapor Barriers — Remember, insulating a floor is tough, as the heat in the room above rises, so max insulation is often not enough. Bud

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