DIY fiberglass blow in between studs


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DIY fiberglass blow in between studs

Hi, i need about 450 sq. ft. blown in between my studs from inside. I saw at HD and Lowes you can rent a machine for blowing in celluose. What about doing the same with fiberglass? What is involved? I am thinking about just buying a hole saw and going at it.
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I guess I have to ask, why fiberglass. The dense pack capabilities of cellulose work well to air seal anywhere it is used and air does move between the drywall, sheathing, and frame.

I know the larger machines can blow both, doubt if the ones I see at my box stores will do fiberglass, but ask, some have full rental services.

They also have a quantity with which you get the machine for free .

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I have the same question. Why fiberglass when you can do cellulose just as easy and get a better job in the end.


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