First Time Homeowner Needs Advice On Insulating


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Question First Time Homeowner Needs Advice On Insulating

I recently bought a home which has a a room with three exterior walls and an exterior roof. The room used to be a covered porch but was converted to a livable room. It is elevated about 10 feet and the space under it has been converted to a shed. From inside the home the sliding glass door which divided the previous covered porch is no longer there and now there is an opening into a room with 4 large windows on the long wall and a single window on both sides. One of the sides has a glass door which opens to a deck area.

I just discovered my heating is running almost constantly which leads me to believe one of the issues is that this room is not insulated. It is cold all the time and I can see the dollars going though the walls and windows of this room. I have read a lot of information of insulating after a room has been made and I am getting confused. What is the proper procedure to insulate this room the way it should have been? Do I have to remove the siding and drywall? What about the hardwood floor which is always cold too?
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You might be able to cut holes in the sheetrock from the inside and blow in insulation. If there is only a shed underneath, you should be able to get into the floor from down there to blow insulation in.

I guess you would be against putting a door back up :-P
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I will have to look at the construction in the shed roof. I did not think of that, thanks. Blowing insulation was an item I had researched but is this a viable solution (those who have done it)? My father-in-law told me some type of wrap that foes around the outside of the house. He said it would have to go under the siding. Since I am only going to do this one I want to make sure I have covered all the bases and do it the right way next to a total rebuild
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Could you post some pictures?
Is there a concrete or block wall under the walls?
Are they balloon-framed walls, sitting on a beam below?
Is the floor insulated?
Is heat supplied to the addition?
How old are the windows?
Is the shed a heated room or is it open to the outside?
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This may help with posting pictures:

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What type of heat do you have and how old is the system?
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Update: My wife has a conversation with the previous homeowner. She said the room is insulated and they used to run the baseboard heater in the room to keep it warm. The room does not have ducts in it so the main heating does ot get in thier and thats why the baseboard heater was installed. I was thinking about it and the problem can also be that I have an old thermostat with is malfunctioning. I initially thought the room was the issue because my heating runs almost all day and night. I thermostat is a rectangular Honeywell manual unit. It has the temperature sticks on the top and bottom of it. My heating is electrical and no telling how old the inside unit is but the outside unit was replaced about 5 years ago.

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