insulating question


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insulating question

Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me figure out the best way to insulate my 1st floor garage ceiling that has a upstairs storage that I'd like to leave non insulated, there is good ventalation in the attic, ridge vent. The garage is 24x32 and the joists 2x10x16" on center.

I'd like to insulated the joist cavity from the 1st floor below and hang a Hot Gog heater LP heater from the ceiling to heat the garage that I want to use as a workshop, maybe home business. Questions: What type of insulation should I use (i.e. R value, faced w/paper or foil facing the 1st floor gargae? and then I'm assuming I need to cover the insulation w/sheetrock or OSB, is there something I have to do for code, i.e. fire rated sheetrock? which is preferred, sheetrock, osb? are there fire control rules, vapor barrier seeing the atic won't be heated, other things I should consider?

any information is greatly appreciated! Thxs. Scott
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The ceiling gets insulated from the attic side with blown-in or batts.

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