How to plug a huge hole!?!


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How to plug a huge hole!?!

Hi - We have a giant hold (around 16 inches in diameter) in the concrete that goes from our garage to an unfinished part of the basement. Inside of this hole are various pipes and tubes. We took a foam core and carved pieces out to make a "custom" draft block and filled in the holes with Great Stuff insulating foam sealant.

However, there is still some air moving through. Ideally, I would like to blow a huge foam of insulation to fill it in entirely (about 18 inches deep), but I don't know of any DIY products that will do that.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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when installing data wire and running them from my attic to basement, I put a 2" diameter PVC conduit and then used rigid foam and great stuff to seal the air gaps and leave the pipe open. sounds like what you have here. I just shove plastic shopping bags tightly in the conduit to seal the air gap. Then I can pull them out when I need to run more wires through it.

shove plastic shopping bags in tightly and see if that stops the air leak.
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I'm not sure if I fully understand your situation. Do you have pipes and tubes running from your garage into your basement with the opening around them being 16" in diameter, or do you have a hole, and there are pipes in it? For the latter, you could of course simply cover the hole, so I don't think that's what you have. For the former, I think Great Stuff could still work. You could stuff the hole with fiberglass and then spray a layer of Great Stuff on top. There is a version for large holes, meaning it expands quite a bit. One can should be good for several inches, perhaps even the entire hole, depending on how deep it is. After curing, cut flush with the garage floor. MM

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