Flash and batt or Full Fill Foam


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Flash and batt or Full Fill Foam

I have an old house That I gutted and am redoing and planned doing a full foam fill insulation in the walls and roof. However I just got a good offer on my other house and they want to close in 8 weeks. I'm gonna have to get this other house ready enough to live in. not sure if i have enough time to get everything ready so someone can come in and spray the foam in the entire house. wondering if doing flash and bat might be better for my time constraints. I am guessing I can Have the walls flashed and that would still leave room to run the wires and all before closing them in.
If thats the case what are the pros and cons of both systems

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Hi dings, first, it's cold outside and all of the foams I have read about like it warm. So not sure how well any application of foam would be. As for one verses the other, flash and bat is a cost effective installation that gives you the air sealing properties of the foam and the cost break of the other insulation. If you have board siding it may be an issue as to where the foam will expand to. Cut and fit rigid insulation is also an option, sealed in place.

Also, there are other choices instead of the standard fiberglass that are more dense and possible options. You see the house renovation shows using them more often.

Your comments about adding the electrical after the flash are correct as once some insulation is installed, that is it, no touch.

stay warm,
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I agree with Bud, especially on using something other than fiberglass, like this: BuildingGreen.com - EBN: 18:10 - Mineral Wool Residential and Commercial Insulation

But not glass, what I just read.

Be safe, Gary

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