Home insulation


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Home insulation

I have a home with extrerior walls that are concrete block with a brick exterior, and interior plaster applied directly to the inside of the concrete block.

My only option for adding is in the attic. I want to reduce my heating costs. R-49 is recommended in attics for my area.

Should I go beyond that, or is it a waste of money?
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The savings decrease significantly as you get up there in R-value.

If there is no gap at all between the plaster and the brick, then the only other inside choice is to add a layer of rigid and a new layer of sheetrock. Or other inside wall approach. The rigid is the thinnest way to improve the wall.

In some cases where home owners do not want to undertake a major reconstruction project, I have suggested they create picture framing type applique of rigid insulation, foam or rigid fiberglass. The rigid fiberglass (called duct board) doesn't require a fire rated covering. Every sq. ft. you cover reduces the heat loss, so it doesn't have to cover the entire wall and electrical, baseboard, and trim can remain in place.

Brick buildings are tough, but heat loss is worse.

If there is a gap where a pour in insulation can be used, there are products that apply.

And welcome to the forum,

PS your current walls, allowing for some thermal mass, are probably about R=4, they need some help.

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