Did blown in have Asbestos?


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Did blown in have Asbestos?

I was up in the attic of my 76 built home yesterday and it has blown in which appears to be cellulose which the old owners claim was done over the original stuff, i was looking to follow some wiring when I was digging in the insulation and what I found under the newer stuff was a layer of newspaper and then under that was what appeared to be the original layer of blown in that looks relatively the same, what I would like to know is, did the blown in stuff from back in the 70's have asbestos in it ?
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You'll have to send a sample to be tested. You can contact a lab near you for instructions and fee information.
Probably around $100.
Odds of answering that question based on construction time and place are just that. Odds.
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The only loose fill insulation to be concerned with is Zonlolite, a trade name for a vermiculite insulation.

Cellulose is easy to distinguish because it looks like grey shredded paper and Zonolite is granular and is a trade name for vermiculite.
The vermiculite you buy today is safe and what you put on the bottom of flower pots to make an air space.

What date is on the newspapers?

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