Just had attic insulated - question.


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Just had attic insulated - question.

I just had my attic insulated by a local professional company. They installed blown-in insulation over the top of existing fiberglass batting.

My concern is that they covered up my soffit vents and didn't install baffles like they said they would.

Here's how my setup looks now:

I questioned the guy about covering up the soffits but he said that because I have turbine vents and a ridge vent that I would be fine.

Today is the second time that I called them out because they originally quoted me for R-41 but only gave me R-32 the first time.

Should I pursue this any further? or should I be ok? I paid $690 for R-41 in a 1300 sq ft attic. I feel like R-41 has been achieved but I worry about the covered soffits.

Edit: I'm located just north of Orlando, FL.

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Exclamation I believe your instints are correct

Funny I see this post right now because I was just going to talk to my son to help him fix this same nightmare in a house he just bought!!!

First off you will most definitely need to install baffles to allow the air to be drawn through the soffits...........That is why they are there.
Second, if you are in an older home that has either a poor or non-existent cieiling vapor barrier you would likely develop frost within the insulation if you are in a cold climate.

Ya, my son purchased a home last fall and was surprised to find water coming out of the framing around his kitchen window on an usually warm winter day.
The frost that accumulated on the underside of the roof had dropped and made the insulation look snow covered!

He is fortunate in that his added insulation is fiberglass.
We are going to install a large gable vent so that we can remove ALL the addional fiberglass, add a vapor barrier and baffles then replace the insulation.

Someone else will chime in but I see no recourse but to fix what has been done.

As side note it would be useful if you edit your profile to indicate roughly where you live with perhaps your state/province or offshore country as it is difficult to help you without knowing this.

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I'm not an insulation expert either although we have some here that I'm sure will chime in later

I don't see how you would get good air circulation without the soffit vents. Do they expect the turbines to evacuate the hot attic air by drawing in air from ridge vents

Have you paid them in full yet? your check book is always your best defense
I used to live in east orange county and know how hot central fla attics can get
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GregH and marksr are correct, you absolutely need the baffles. We need them in cold country as GregH stated and you certainly need them in Orlando. Without proper venting, your attic will cook and defeat the purpose of the added insulation AND THEY KNOW THAT. Either the crew messed up and they are trying to talk their way out of doing it right, or they are cheating you.

Now, how do they add baffles after the insulation is in place, remember they should be stapled up, not just stuffed in place? They have to move the insulation, walk all over it, and when done push it back in place where it will be far less of a value then when it is freshly blown in. Batt fiberglass springs back after being compressed. Go get a handful of your new stuff and squash it and see how much it springs back. My experience is about half way at best. So, have them ready to give you a fresh layer to make up for disturbing what is there. ArrGH I hate bully contractors. Best to have a sit down with them to be sure everything is understood before they show up.

Also, make sure they did not blow insulation into the soffits and block them. Sometimes they push the fiberglass into the eaves and let that be the block which is ok if you have baffles. But if they did nothing, the soffits may be full.

Get everything in writing and signed so they don't hang a lien on you for the second, third trips.

Don't give in, they messed up not you.

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