electric radiant heat under cabinet?


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electric radiant heat under cabinet?

I just finished installing a bathroom floor with Nuheat Cables set inbedded in aprox 1 inch of self levelling concrete then layed slate tile over that. my original plan was to install an 18 inch deep vanity cabinet. depth on the floor is 15 inches with the toe kick. i'm having second thoughts about the depth of the vanity and i'm considering deeper. the cabinet would have a foot print of 33 x 18.
my original layout of the cables is 17 inches off the wall. If I go with the deeper vanity it will sit over approx 1 inch of the floor heating cables. They say not to install these cables under cabinets and if i ask the mfr, i know i'll just get the corporate answer.
how bad would it be to have the cabinet sit over 1 inch of the heating cables?

The cabinet style is similar to kitchen cabinets with no venting to the concealled space under the toe kick.
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I don't see a problem with it. Sounds like the toe kick may get warm. You could always drill a couple holes at the very top of the kick so they are unseen.
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Not a pro on this, but between the slate and the concrete, the heat above the heating cable will be disbursed over a larger area, several inches wide. If your slate and or concrete continues under the cabinet area, it will get warm either way. Some vent holes as drooplug suggested plus some inside through the floor of the cabinet should prevent any excess heat buildup. IMO

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Thanks for the responses, I feel the same way.

they say the heat radiates max 3 inches from the wire when under tile. which is true from my experience.

I like the idea for holes in the floor of the cabinet. that will keep the extra TP nice and warm

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