Insulate interior door frames?


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Insulate interior door frames?

I am in the process of replacing all the door trim from around the interior doors. In some cases, there is about a 2 1/2 inch gap between the wall framing and the door framing. Would it be benefical or a waste of time and money, to spray foam in these voids? I'm thinking about a reduction in noise and heat loss.

Many thanks in advance......
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2 1/2"?? How the heck are the attached, giant stacks of shims? Sounds like someone didn't get the door sizes correct.

I wouldn't worry about it probably have gaps under the doors, correct? You'll get sound and airflow through there. And the doors aren't weather you'll get sound there as well.
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Oh it would be beneficial. Be sure to get the type that is made specifically for windows and doors.
The other larger void types can effect the function of both.
If you overfill, which you almost have to, you can shave off the excess after it dries with a serated blade. (saw, steak knife, swordfish snout, etc.)

EDIT:Misread your post. Thought you meant exterior doors. It wouldn't be worth insulating around interior doors, unless other extensive sound proofing measures had previously been taken. Just adding it around the jamb of an interior door would do nothing.
Relax. Enjoy your trim project.

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mick....why would it be beneficial for the cost and work involved? These are interior doors with, I assume, sheetrock on both sides. No insulation in the walls and a gap under each door. Might even be hollow core.

Not trying to argue...just would like your reasoning...thx.

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