Which wall to insulate and how?


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Which wall to insulate and how?


I've got what I hope is a pretty simple question. I am finishing my basement and I've reached the point where I'm ready to insulate. I'm using Kraft Paper faced R-13 fiberglass insulation as this is what is required by the city inspector. I am clear on what to do with 2/3 of the basement, but I am confused when it comes to the unfinished workshop.

If I insulate between the finished space and the unfinished workshop then I will have exposed fiberglass in the workshop. I'd really like to avoid having exposed fiberglass in an area I would be working in frequently. Also, this would make the workshop pretty cold. I don't want to finish it with drywall and paint, but I do work in there.

If I insulate the outside wall of the workshop (the concrete wall on the exterior of the basement) then I am left with exposed kraft paper. The kraft paper clearly says that I can't leave it exposed because it is flamable. This being a workshop that is obviously unacceptable. I do have 2x4 framing along the exterior wall of the workshop.

Whats the best option here and what products should I be using to get the job done?
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I would assume insulating that wall would be optional. But if there is any wiring in the wall [I assume there is] it is supposed to be covered. Drywall would work but I'd lean towards using plywood or osb, maybe plywood on the bottom and peg board on the top half.

I'm in no way an insulation expert but those that are should be along later with some good info for you
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There is wiring in the wall, but fortunately in this area of Illinois I have to run all my residential wiring in steel conduit so there shouldn't be a problem with leaving it exposed. I believe that is one of the few good things about having to do the wiring that way. It would have been a lot cheaper and a lot less time consuming to use Romex like everywhere else!

I like that idea of plywood on the bottom and pegboard on the top though. I may end up doing something like that in the workshop eventually.

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