spry foam vs. rigid foam and mineral wool


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spry foam vs. rigid foam and mineral wool

probably about 2 months away from putting insulation in the old house I gutted. I was going to use spray foam (which I can have installed at dealer cost), but the rest of the budget is taking a hit. I am planning on redoing all the siding soon so I was thinking about putting ridged foam on the outside of the house and Rolux inside. how tight will I be able to get the house doing it this way vs the spray foam? I would hate to save a little money now and waste it later on heating costs.
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it all depends on how stringent you are on filling all of the spots air leaks can occur in, I used ridgid foam on the walls of my house with a vapor barrier outside of that and filled every crack and hole with spray foam from a can in 1995 and it made a huge difference in my heat and air bills the the tune of over $75.00 a month at the time. Needless to say since then I have saved way more than the cost labor and materials, the house was other wise insullated with fiberglass batts, (horrible insullation)

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You will certainly get better insulation and air sealing with the spray foam, but given the level of insulation you can acheive with rigid at R5-R6 per inch and Rockwool at R4 per inch, I suspect it would be more than adequate if you seal reasonably well with caulk and/or canned foam. In a cold climate, I don't think you want a vapour barrier on the outside.Maybe Tyvek or another air barrier,but with foam,I don't think you even need that.

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