Do I need more insalation in the basment?


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Do I need more insalation in the basment?

Hey guys,

I am currently finishing my basement slowly, and I have come to the insulation part. On the walls I already have 4" of fiberglass and then covered with a white barrier (like a vapor barrier is my guess). I have been told by some that this is enough insulation for my basement and I donít need to put any in-between my studs... (which would save me a ton of $$). Any thoughts?

The insulation comes down the wall to about 6" from the floor. In the winter when the basement is not finished the temp is only about 2 - 4 degrees cooler then the upstairs and i have no heat ducts blowing in the basement. I live in Upstate NY.

Let me know what you think?
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Not sure if this is the answer you are looking for but I would tell you that you can't have enough of the insulation, and its better to have more than what you need than to not have enough, makes things/life much easier.
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Law of Diminishing Return

There are several factors involving HEAT LOSS. One factor is "Degree Difference". Simply put the colder one month is from another accounts for the higher fuel bill. In other words the lower temperatures for that colder month causes your energy bill to to higher than the other month. This is important in your case because the degree difference between the basement and upstairs is less than 10 degrees which suggests that the Heat Loss in the basement is not that much more than upstairs. Especially considering there is no heat source in the basement.

What all this means is that it is highly unlikely that you could improve the degree difference between the basement and the upstairs by adding insulation. Or if you prefer there would be no calculable savings from the addition of insulation in the basement.

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