Ice box in the winter, oven in the summer


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Ice box in the winter, oven in the summer

Hello there,

I am posting from Turkey where my family have a villa and live all year round. I have read other similar questions on this and other forums regarding insulating, but because the construction type of our dwelling is pretty unique (I think) I would like to see the views and opinions of those in the know after taking that into consideration.

The villa is 3 storeys and is a reinforced concrete shell with 6 main pillars running up through the whole house which make annoying indents and alcoves in various rooms. Into that shell simple red block bricks of this kind: were built up inbetween these pillars to make walls. Both inner and outer walls are the same and were simply plasted and painted over. There is no insulation. Anywhere. The colour of the outer walls is light beige which is good I hear for reflecting heat, and in the attic area there are metal roof struts covered with plywood boards ontop of which red roof tiles are placed. In the attic we also have a hot water thank that is not insulated so it loses heat in the winter and radiates it in the summer.

I am going to insulate that and also all accessible hot water pipes, and I was also thinking of buying this black foam stuff that is covered on one side with a shiney metal foil stuff, the kind put behind radiators. It's about 3/4 of an inch thick and I was thinking of stapling boards of them to the roof struts in the attic - would that help?

Also, would it be helpful to cover the inside of all outward facing walls that radiate heat inwards with this metal-sided hard foam stuff then simply paint or wallpaper over it? These are all things I plan to do myself since we're on a tight budget, and I just wanted to ask opinions on these steps I thought would be helpful and point out the type of construction we have.

Look forward to replies and thanks in advance!
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Hi nipperlings and welcome to the forum. Your construction is very different for the US, but the limitations of being able to do only so much are world wide.

There are many variables that affect what you should do, but working with a high mass building does have its advantages. Unfortunately, this is not a field I'm not knowledgeable in. Try searching "passive solar homes" or "passive cooling". The key word is passive and you should find guidance on shading, evaporative cooling, and solar heating.

Good Luck

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