insulation for TJI engineered joists?


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insulation for TJI engineered joists?

I'm insulating my detached garage to create a workshop, and have a gas heater installed. I'm now insulating it. My ceilings are TJI engineered joists 16" on center. Is it typical to classic batts designed for typical 2x10 construction? Or is there a special roll or batt insulation available due to the extra width between the joists' web? Thanks.
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Not 100% sure on this, but from what I understand there are 16" wide batts used in commercial applications. The other choice would be to cut them into 16" lengths and fit them cross ways. Others have on occasion filled the sides with rigid and then used standard batts, but that could be time and money consuming.

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insulation garage roof.

You write about insulating the ceiling, no mention of the walls. What amount of insulation do you have in the walls?
Heat disappears through the walls and floor as well.

You best bet is install polystyrene sheet as this is stiff and if you cut it to a tight fit, you can push or punch it into place, I sometime use a block of wood and hammer to get it into tight spots.

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