How best to insulate a dishwasher from heat?


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Question How best to insulate a dishwasher from heat?

The only location available for my possible new dishwasher is next to the oven. And as we all know the advice is against this kind of positioning. Hence, could I perhaps create effective enough thermal insulation for the machine, since there would be space for it (5cm on both sides and approx. 2-3 cm on top).
Any ideas? Or should I just forget the dishwasher idea altogether;
or have the washing machine exchange places with the potential diswasher? (the WM is ideally located, but I assume heat would be an issue for that machine as well...)
Looking forward to your comments. D.
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I never thought that there is a problem to have a dishwasher next to the oven. I will assume by oven you mean what we call here a stove which incorporates an oven with the cooking elements at the top.

At least in North America the stoves are installed in between cabinets which are made out of wood or melamine covered MDF which all are flammable materials. I never touched the sides on my oven / stove since there are so close to the walls of my cabinets but I bet you that you should be able to touch them if you were able to do so. Ovens are built with good insulation to contain their heat build-up so to my opinion I see no problem.

I would suggest getting your oven going at the highest setting and try to touch the exterior sides. If they are too hot to touch, then you should not install your dishwasher next to it.

Another possible reason for not installing the dishwasher next to an oven it could be the 220V power you have in Europe. Perhaps there are regulations over there in case there is a leak in the dishwasher water lines and possibly spray water to the ovens wiring somehow.
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5 cm on both sides is quite a bit. Can you slide the dishwasher all the way over so there is a gap of 10 cm between it and the oven? I think the air space alone would be adequate to keep the heat out of the dishwasher. I'm not sure what problem the heat from the oven would cause anyway.

The cabinet next to my stove does get a little warm if I have been using the oven, but never hot. Certainly not a good place to keep potatoes. Even the cabinets next to my dishwasher will get warm.
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I know kitchens are normally smaller in the UK...but having the washer right beside the stove is a bad design. What if you are cooking and cleaning up at the same time? Normally the washer would be to one side of the sink or across the room.

And am I right in that you plan an installed clothes washer in the same space? Thats a new one to me.
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I did some poking around and pretty much didn't find anything that said do not install next to an oven for reasons other then design. How to Install a Dishwasher Next to a Stove |

You will probably need a 19mm panel between the stove and dishwasher just to hold up the counter anyway. That will aid in keeping things apart. The idea about electricity being the problem doesn't add up because the dishwasher has it's own electrical hookup. Check the instructions of the dishwasher and see if it makes any kind of specification. I say go for it otherwise and not worry about it.

GunGuy: I've seen small washers/dryers installed under counter before. Usually in small apartments and condos. I believe they make units that do both washing and drying, and I don't mean stackable.
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Smile Thank you ALL for your quick replies

Yes, you were right I did mean stove, sorry about that. My mistake. And I do have a washing machine already, but it is in a better position - cool and close to the water connections.
The reason for the question was the instructions of the dishwasher manufacturer's user manual advice: "not to place the machine next to oven i.e. stove".
But you might be right with the 10 cm air space being adequate enough... Thanks for the website link to how to..
Thank you. D

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