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How much dust is generated by attic insulation blowers?

How much dust is generated by attic insulation blowers?


Old 10-31-10, 07:26 AM
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How much dust is generated by attic insulation blowers?

I am going to add a few inches of insulation to over top the exsiting in my attic.

How much dust is generated by the blower? I would like to keep it outside but...

It looks like the blowers that are available for free with the insulation only come with a 50ft hose. If I put the blower outside and streatch the hose through the nearest window... the end of the hose in the attic will be about 33 feet from the furtherest point I need to blow it. The blower supplier say it will only blow the insulation 20ft...

Should I try to find another blower with a longer hose? Move the blower indoors? or just rake the insulation the last few feet?

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Old 11-02-10, 04:28 PM
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i just did this. I think the biggest issue outside was keeping the stuff inside the hopper but i wasnt outside,my helper was so i cant verify. definitely put a big plastic sheet down under the machine and around it..she picked up probably at least a bale of waste that way. My lowes had 100ft of hose but i guess i didnt need it all because i only used 2 sections. but one section of my attic is 50 ft so i needed about 20 more to get down to the machine. Also get the taller upright machine for the green fiber, it never clogged but the lower 'box shaped' one clogged and i lost over 1 hour waiting for unclogs and also they ran a new machine out to me

as far as 20ft, i dont know if id say it blew that far. But maybe you can buy 10ft of pvc pipe and blow it thru that? i thought of that idea to reach a difficult area but didnt try it yet.

get a mask with a vent on it for when you are in the attic. i had 3 open windows plus a fan going and still looked like i came out of a volcano. Also i'm not saying raking wont work because i really dont know, but based on my experience, i wouldnt want to do it personally.

dont skimp on insulation, take time to calculate the amount you will need. I bought 60 bags for about 1400 sq ft and i know i did overblow some of the areas but hey, it's a once in a lifetime thing and it's only 10 bucks a bag. i got about R57 in the open part of the attic. very noticeable difference immediately in my kitchen which only had 2 inches before. also make sure you have plenty of markings and rulers all over the place. i wish i had a few more down. i just used sticks i broke to the right height for the most part.
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Negatively pressurize the attic space by placing a large fan or blower
in a window (up in the attic) or thru a vent to blow outside.

I did this using a large "barrel fan" all during the clean out process,
as well as the blowing in of the new cellulose.

I had minimal dust downstairs.

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Old 11-20-10, 06:24 AM
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Thanks for the advice guys... I finished the job last weekend, and other than banging my head on the attic trusses a few times, it was a pretty easy job.

To answer my own questions.... the blower doesn't really make any dust where the bales are dumped into it. Though like one of you pointed out, the person loading the machine makes a pretty big mess on the ground from the bales breaking apart. I got an extra hose section from the store I borrowed the machine from and had no problem with the insulation clogging (total length used ~120ft).

If I had to do it again... I would definitely locate the blower outside. There's no dust at the blower, so inside or outside doesn't really matter... but, outside there is a whole lot less carring of the insulation and the mess on the ground is a lot easier to deal with than in your carpet.
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