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Bonus room gable wall has 2 vertical shafts on either side, seal it?

Bonus room gable wall has 2 vertical shafts on either side, seal it?


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Bonus room gable wall has 2 vertical shafts on either side, seal it?

I have a typical bonus room in a 5 year old house in NC. The end gable wall in the attic has a large circular vent and a strange soffit-like setup. Unlike a gable wall in my loft area, this has about a 5 inch space between the outside wall and a plate running parallel to the wall, probably because the ceiling joists for the room below didn't exactly reach to the end of the house on their 16" centers? This space between the last joist and the wall is lower, down into the wall of the bonus room below by about 2". So I can see that the gypsum cieling is attached to the bottom of my ceiling rafters, but this 5 inch space at the end is 2" lower than that. Maybe this is a plate to nail the top of the wallboard below to?

I had insulation jammed down into the spaces between the vertial studs for this end wall, and could see channels running down between slats that holds on the black exterior wall covering. So I foamed those top plates shut. But on each end of that wall, where the roof slants down and becomes the slanted ceiling in the bonus room, there is a vertical channel that has no top plate at all. Regular batt faced insulation is sticking out of these channels that runs down the into the wall. So I can see that the cold air in the attic can just run all the way down the end wall of the bonus room on the left and right sides.

Is this some by design pressure system? I want to slice off the insulation sticking out into the attic, make a top plate of cut foam board to then cover it with, and completetely seal off that space on either side. Is there any reason I shouldn't do this?
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I can't picture this, but is it some sort of eave or overhang that might need ventilation?

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