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The crawl is vented to outside but stays realively warm(pipes don't freeze) probably due to poorly sealed ducts in crawl--furnace blows ducts blow through crawl into base boards. Also installed new double pane windows and get condensation on inside panes. Could feel cold air coming through bottoms(only) of window openings before I trimed them(inside) probably due to uninsulated walls(hence last post). Attic is insulated(double layers of fiberglass) will insulate crawl after walls. Any help would be great--one contractor said he could not blow in the walls due to no vapor barrier the other said no problem.
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I don't think the lack of a vapor barrier is a problem, but don't blow cellulose into an area that has moisture in it. It will destroy the cellulose and you will be wasting your time and money. This space is only 2" wide? That's about an R-6. I think you'll be spending a lot of money to get a really small pop (There certainly won't be anything approaching a BANG for the bucks!!)

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