huge ice cycles


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huge ice cycles

Went to a holiday party yesterday, house was comtempory and all along the front there where huge ice cycles that where hanging from the gutters.......they have to have a problem; they claim they had people look into it but they must not be finding what is causing it.

Any suggestions as to what and where to start?" Would like to give them some kind of professional assistance, even if it is a check list.
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Too much heat in the attic. Either heat is escaping through air leaks and/or insufficient insulation, or there is too little ventilation. OR a combination of everything.

Ice problems are relatively easy to diagnose, but may take some work to solve depending upon the building.
This link will get them started, but there are more:

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roof tape is not a permanent solution, but depending on what else is needed, it may be the cheapest.
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Resercon Company - Home and Inspection Services: Insulation - Ventilation

This is an article I wrote some years back which will give you an idea where to start.
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If the "contemporary design" includes vaulted ceilings and lots of can lights in those ceilings, the design could be part of the problem. In such a ceiling, there is no perfect way to avoid a lot of melting because of the proximity of the ceiling to the roof, and there is usually no (or very little) attic space to ventilate.

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