Home remodeling in solution question?


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Home remodeling in solution question?

Hello all, have a question and trying to double check my decision on our home renovation.

We are adding a second story to our existing home. In order to not disturb the 1st floor ceiling the existing roof joist will be Left as is a a new second floor floor joists will be installed over them. There is currently insulation in the old roof joist consisting of paper backed insulation with the paper side facing to the living space and blown insulation above that. It is in good condition no mold or damage of any type.

So on to the question, do we leave the existing insulation as it is? At first the builder said we would remove it and I said why. It can function as sound insulation and insultate between the two floors. The first floor has a forced air HVAC system and the second floor will get a new HVAC system as a separate zone. I am not sure why we would remove it. I figure it has somne nice advantages.

Am I missing something??? The contractor agreed but wan to double check and make sure we are not missing something, so what is your opionons????

Thanks Ike
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Don't worry about the existing insulation. You are dealing with two conditioned living spaces. The temperature difference between the two will be minimal meaning that you won't have the problems associated with insulating between conditioned space and unconditioned space. The insulation will provide acoustic isolation and that's about all.

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