Drywall,styrofoam, and more drywall. Any advantage?


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Drywall,styrofoam, and more drywall. Any advantage?

In pulling down some outdated wood paneling, I found that the entire house was covered this way on all the walls facing the exterior of the house.. The previous owner for some reason, placed 1x3 furring strips on the first layer of 1/2 drywall and placed styrofoam to fit and then added the paneling. It was a well done job and everything is really tight.

Does this help in regards to insulation value? I am planning to replace the paneling with another layer of 1/2" drywall over the exising foam if this will increase the R value. I have poked small holes thru the first layer of drywall and it appears that there is batt insulation.

Thanks for all the help...
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Absolutely it will help...but that will depend on what type and how thick and if seams are sealed. You may have an issue with electrical box depths though...

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