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Question question on insulaton

If you could please advise me my options:

1. I have a crawlspace that runs the length of and under a galley kitchen. It has a large opening into the main basement - maybe 5 feet by 5 feet. The crawlspace is not that high to begin with - the dirt floor is elevated a few feet above the basement floor. Someone can move around on their hands and knees. The far end has little height as the ground rises more there, and the person doing the insulation says he can't insulate back there. I feel he is giving up and not researching how to get in there. Is there some kind of rigid tube that can reach back into there to spray in foam? If this is not better air-sealed, this remains as a significant source of cold air leakage into the house.

2. The opening to the drop down attic stairs was air sealed with a white "igloo" cover with a zipper. There was still a lot of air leakage and the person doing the insulation discovered that the rim around the opening had gaps open to under the attic floor, so he caulked around the rim. There is still air leakage that is pretty significant during the door blower test. Shouldn't this be more air tight?
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2. It should be very air tight. When that igloo is set in place, it should rest on something to provide a seal. If the problem is the light weight of the cover and the high pressure of the blower door test, then perhaps the actual leakage may not exist under house pressures. Due to wind, I would want it fastened in place some how.

1. I'm not a spray foam pro, but have seen short extensions used inside a home to apply foam to walls and ceilings. How long those wands come, I don't know. If some digging would solve the problem that is one option. Can someone actually squeeze in there? If so, then perhaps just some volunteer help to hand then the spray gun and pull then out before the foam glues them in place .

Pictures always help.


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