Questions on Two-part spray in foam.

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Red face Questions on Two-part spray in foam.

Years ago I helped make some Archery Targets of some kind of Foam.
Two 55 Gal Bbl's and a pump. At the Nozzle, the two parts were mixed and we sprayed the Foam into the F/Glass form of the (Tiger etc).
We popped the Form off, and covered the Foam (Tiger) with paper Mache and rags.
The shoot was a success. The second year was a HUGE success.

So these days I'm thinking about my Barn, etc.
What if I sprayed the underside of the Barn roof with that stuff.
It should stop insects, like those .40 Cal Bees and Termites eh?

The Resulting insulation value should keep the inside of the Barn Cool in the Summer. All that sun on the Metal roof makes it like the inside of a Reflector oven in there.
Spraying it on the inside would keep the high winds from tearing it off.
It seems like it would stick to everything and actually hold that roof intact during a Hurricane....well almost. You know how hard it is to get that stuff off what ever you didn't mean for it to be on.

Closed Cell or Open cell?
Any other questions you folks might have?
Any suggestions as to where I'd go for a Mfg and get more info?
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Spray foam is used regularly as insulation. Closed cell would give your twice as much R value per inch as open cell. Closed sell is also a vapor retarder at 2 inches or more in thickness. Not sure if you need that for your barn. You also want to make sure you get the fire rated version. The fire rating does require it to be covered with drywall to meet the specs.

The two DIY manufacturer's I know of are Foam it Green and Tiger Foam. I haven't used either myself.
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And a job like that is not very DIY friendly, and will not be cheap. There's tons of companys doing spray foam insulation. Check the yellow pages.
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Something of that size requires a professional installation.
The professional stuff is different from the low pressure DIY foam.
For some years now, potato stores and deep freeze have used this system with a lot of success measured in money terms,ie: saving on running costs.
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I wouldn't doubt what you used was the same kind of foam we used to pack electronic equipment in. Spray some foam in a box, lay some plastic over the foam, put the item in, fold the plastic tightly around it, then spray some more foam and seal the box (or something similar). Was the foam kind of a cream color? Did someone work at a freight company or warehouse? I remember making big beer coolers (oops...beverage coolers!) out of 2 diff sized boxes nested together. Better than any igloo cooler with about 1 1/2" of foam between the walls.

Think its similar to the foil faced foam you can buy....iso something?

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