Hot Roof Ventilation


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Hot Roof Ventilation

We are in the process of converting our attic space to living space. We have a rubber roof on wood decking, no ridge vents, no soffit vents. We have two air vents on the west roof, a gable vent on the south, a fan on the north. We have removed the old dusty vermiculite that was between the joists. Is there any possible way to create air flow and use baffles between the roof trusses? We were thinking of installing a radiant barrier but it is vital to create air flow before doing this in order to keep the roof from overheating. Have been researching this problem. The roof has no problem with water or mold and has performed well in the past. We did have our master bath in the attic surrounded with fibreglass batts. We want to make better use of the space and include windows and/or a shed roof.

We spoke to the roofing manufacturers and they recommended taking the panels off and putting latticed strips under the panels and putting them back. We would not be able to do this ourselves as our roof has a very steep pitch. The cost to have a roofer do this would stop the project. Any ideas please?
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Hi broadslade and welcome to the forum. I am unable to picture what you have, probably me, but photos would help.

As for the vermiculite you removed, there may be a record as to it having been there, so your removal needs to be certified as asbestos free. A future home inspection might pick up on that, especially in this information age.

When you take pictures, we will want to see the outside as well as inside.


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