Spray Insulation vs. Roll Insulation Question


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Spray Insulation vs. Roll Insulation Question

I have a friend who is renovating a house down to the studs. He is going to replace all the insualtion. The question, what is the best way to go as far as insulation? Roll insulation(Owens-Corning Stuff) or a spray type insulation? Is one better then the other, more effiecent? Cost effective? If someone can school me, I would appreciate it. THANKS!
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I'm no expert but my take on it is - the spray foam is better but costs a LOT more.
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Yep, you get what you pay for and the spray foam costs more
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There is also a spray fiberglass or cellulose that you can have installed. It sprays like you would use in an attic but there is some glue added to get it to stick to the walls (and itself) Not DIY but neither is foam. I would defensively get some other bids on other options. Biggest thing I don't like about foam is it burns very toxic.
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Everything in your house is toxic when it burns. The important thing is to get out ASAP if there is a fire. Be sure to get spray foam that is fire rated. It's not fire proof, but slows the burn and gives you more time to get out vs. non rated.

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