Insulation and mold


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Insulation and mold

My question is that the insulation beneath our house was installed upside down, there is a vapor barrier on the ground as well. We have mold growing in our bedroom. Can the insulation issue contribute to the mold? Also the fart fan vents moisture directly into the attic. I'm replacing the roof soon and will fixs the issues listed above. Any advice on what else I should look into to address the mold problem would be appreciated
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Insulation will not cause a mold issue. High rh from the crawl will. Make sure you have a VB on the ground and run up the wall tell ground height. Make sure all seams are sealed. Close vents if air from crawl is not used as combustion air.
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For problems in the crawl space, the solution is a process called crawl space encapsulation.

Crawl Space Encapsulation - a knol by Cynthia Freeney

It includes lining the whole crawl space with a 20mil vapor barrier and air sealing it as recommended by airman1994, then using a dehumidifier or a crawl space conditioner to deal with condensation.

That will reduce the stack effect that is pushing the humidity and the mold upstairs.

It will also save you a bundle in cooling and heating costs, making your HVAC work less and more efficiently.

For the attic, you need to completely seal it from the living area, and that of course means getting that fan to blow outside and not into the attic.

Get adequate attic insulation for the area you are living in and make sure the attic is properly vented.

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