Please assess my insulation situation


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Please assess my insulation situation

Photos can be found here...

2 story 1300 sq ft duplex built in 1950 is having some excess heat issues on second new to insulation and recently went up there and took a bunch of is what i found:

what's your assessment? is it horrid? non existent? ok? would love to seal this up myself if it needs work..not sure if interior roof foil vs joist insulation is better..

input appreciated!
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I'm lost,
One picture looks like mineral wool batts, but I don't know what is covering the attic floor.

Here's what we need. Depth of insulation on the attic floor. What is it, ie, fiberglass, spray in foam, blown in cellulose?

Next is attic venting. I see an attic fan in the gable. Is there a ridge vent and are there any vents out in the soffits. To cool the attic you need a path for cool air to push in and a place for the hot air to be pushed out. Or in your case, maybe the fan is doing all of the exit work.

While you get that info, here is a link for reading. It opens slow, but is good.


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