Proper Insulation Batts Instalation


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I am installing insulation in the walls of my garage and my brother and I have an arguement going about the correct way to staple the batts to the 2x4 studs.

We have the insulation installed with the paper backing toward the living area. The disagrement is about where the stapling should be done. Should the paper tabs be stapled on the inside of the stud. Leaving the 2x4 with a clean bare surface to attach Drywall. Or should the paper tab go be spread over the 2x4 so they would over lap each other and then be stapled so the 2x4s are not visible.

I think that the second way would make the straples cause bumps in the dry wall when it is applied. My brother says it would not.

We got money riding on this, so are there any experts who have any ideas on this?

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Hey guys..the kraft paper is a vopor barrier and best if it has no holes in it so on the studs is the best way to make that happen...Hope you will stay brothers after this..
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Pay your brother! Staple the paper to the face of the studs and let the tabs overlap. Trust me, the staples WILL NOT cause any bumps in the sheetrock, as long as you use the right staples. An Arrow staple gun or hammer tacker that uses T-50 or similar staples, with 3/8" legs is all you need.
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Do you staple through the overlaping tabs at the same time, two batts at a time?...or

Do you staple up one batt and then double staple through first one as you overlay the next?

Does it make any difference, other than the number of staples?

Also should I floor the attic in the new garage, put up ceiling batts, and then drywall the ceiling?...or

Should I drywall the ceiling, blow in insulation, and then floor the attic?

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How you staple in the insolation does not make any differance just do a good job so the sheetrock will have a flat surface to lay on...If you are going to have a floor over the garage ceiling you neet to make sure the joist are sized for a floor....Install the floor first so all the other things need can go in before the sheetrock....Good Luck....
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Thanks, I discussed the attic flooring with my contractor. I have roof trusses. He said as long as I don't try to put and engine block up there it will be fine. Hope to finish the floor and insulation this weekend.


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